Sri Jagannatha Ratha Yatra in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


KUALA LUMPUR - Malaysia is popular as the land of Ratha Yatras. And it is remarkable that even being a Muslim country Malaysia has the most number of Ratha Yatras in a year. 

Every year on the same day as Jagannatha Puri Ratha Yatra, Sri Jagannatha Mandir in Kuala Lumpur has its second Ratha Yatra for the year.On 29 June 2014, devotees were eagerly waiting to have the darshan of Their Lordships as they had been serving in separation ever since Snana Yatra which was on 13 June. On the eve of Ratha Yatra devotees came together performing Gundica Marjana, trying to clean the temple as well as their hearts. Ratha Yatra preparations started in the morning itself with many devotees helping in various services. And at 4:00pm Lord Jagannatha Baladeva Subhadra and Sudarshan were on the chariot all set to bestow mercy to one and all.

There was a beautiful Odissi dance performance by a group of Jagannatha devotees who did it for the pleasure of Lord Jagannatha. Usually we notice the performance facing the audience but here this group did their performance right in front of the chariot facing Their Lordships. As soon as the chariot started moving Lord Indra’s blessings also came along with. Nevertheless it did not hamper the enthusiasm of the devotees. All were in ecstasy pulling Their Lordships, pulling Them to their hearts. Many houses welcomed Jagannatha Baladeva Subhadra and did offering. Devotees distributed books and prasdam to the public. Ratha Yatra ended at MCA hall at around 9:00pm and as soon as the chariot reached the place there was a heavy down pour.

HH BHakti Vrajendra Nandana Swami graced the festival and Kurma Rupa Prabhu ACBSP addressed the audience. This was followed by maha arati and kirtan. Sumptuous prasadam was served to all. Tables were also set up for Janmastami festival, books, prasadam, goseva etc. The festival came to an end around 11 p.m. with ecstatic kirtan. Once again it was a blissful and memorable Ratha Yatra ; a real feast to the eyes and ears.

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