KUALA LUMPUR - Every year devotees get the opportunity to increase spiritual credits by taking part in the Kartik/Damodara Month Vrata. This year there is another special month for everyone to take advantage of and to earn 1000 times more spiritual benefits than the Kartik Month. And this month, the Purushotam Adhika Masa which begins on June 17 and ends July 16 (for Malaysia) happens only once every three years. For family members it will be the best time to take advantage and organize at least one day/night programme in your homes and hear from the Bhagavad Gita. All that needs to be done is to call our ISKCON centres (03-7980 7355 HQ) and arrange your home programme, invite your friends and relatives and join the bhajans, kirtan, Krishna katha and distribute Krishna prasadam to all.

  • A simple programme as this will bring many fold spiritual benefits to the host and all who participate.
  • What the Supreme Lord Sri Krishna says about this month and what many other great personalities say?
  • How to observe the Vrata?
  • How to break the Vrata after one month's observance?
  • What are the glories of Purushottama Masa?


1. Attending mangalarati without missing, chanting before mangalarati.

2. Chant Hare Krsna Mahamantra extra rounds for entire month: 24, 32, 64, 108.

3. Maximum Benefits by Observing Vrata in Vrndavana, Mayapur or any ISKCON temple.

4. Offering daily a ghee lamp,flowers and tulasi leaves to Radha-Krsna Deities.

5. Daily parikrama to Tulasi Devi and mandira parikrama (4 times).

6. Daily read Srimad Bhagavatam Tenth Canto cp. 14 Brahma stuti.

7. Daily chanting astakas and bajans( like Jagannathastakam and vaisnavacharya bhajans).

8.Fast till noon and eat only fruits or just vegetables without any beans or grains. (like ekadasi for one month!) once a day if you can. Or just eat mahaprasadam. Take a vow according to your capacity to follow.

9. Take a vow to avoid mundane topics.

10. Be careful not to blaspheme any devotees, brahmanas, saints, cows, sastras or especially anyone observing the Purusottama Month Vrata.


1. Offer pushpanjali and dandavats to deities and vaisnavas.

2. Give charity to brahmanas to best of your ability. **Best charity to give Srimad Bhagavatam to qualified Vaisnava devotee brahmana. This charity will deliver all forefathers to Goloka dhama and the association of Lord Purusottam! ***Other recommended gifts: new clothes, pairs of new shoes

3. Feed brahmanas with prasadam


1. All the holy places in the world come to reside in the body.

2. One who observes Purusottama Month with faith and devotion will go back home, BTG to serve Radha-Govinda eternally in Goloka Vrndavana at the end of his life!

These are the recommended vratas described in Padma Purana Purusottama Masa Mahatyam.

Glories of Purusottama month (from Padma and Skanda Puranas)

Lord Sri Krishna:

"Purusottama month has all the power I have to bless its observer.

One who follows Purusottama vrata will destroy all his past sinful reactions.

Without performing Purusottama vrata, one cannot perform pure devotional service.

The value of Purusottama month is far more valuable than all other types of austerities and religious activities mentioned in the Vedas.

Anyone who observes Purusottama vrata will return to my abode, Goloka, at the end of his life".

Durvasa Muni:

"Just by bathing in a holy river during Purusottama month, one becomes sinless. The glory of all other months is not equal to one-sixteenth of the glory of the Purusottama month. By bathing in a holy place, giving charity and chanting the Holy Name Krsna during Purusottama month, all miseries are destroyed; one attains all kinds of perfection and fulfills all his desires

Valmiki Muni:

"By observing Purusottama vrata, one attains more benefit than performing one hundred horse sacrifices. All holy places live within the body of a Purusottama month vrati. Anyone who faithfully performs Purusottama vrata will go to Goloka Vrndavana".

Narada Muni:

"Purusottama month is the best of all months, vratas and austerities. Just by faithfully hearing the glories of Purusottama month, one attains krsna-bhakti and immediately nullifies his sinful reactions. One who performs Purusottama vrata properly will attain unlimited sukrti and go to the spiritual world.

Naimisaranya Sages:

"Merciful Purusottama month acts like a desire tree to fulfill a devotee's desire".

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