During the glorification in light of the passing of HH Bhakti Vrajendranandana Swami Maharaja please convey to the assembled devotees my prostrated obeisances at their feet and at his lotus feet.

His Holiness has served Srila Prabhupada unswervingly year after year on the preaching front line in Malaysia.

Because of such preaching consciousness Maharaja was always in Vrindavana and thus he left his body in Vrindavana and without any shadow of a doubt he has gone back to Godhead to be with Lord Sri Krishna in Vrindavana.

We certainly lament losing his association but we also joyfully celebrate his successful departure from this mortal world to the land of unending bliss and eternality in Sri Vrindavana Dham.

Hoping this meets you well. Hare Krishna!

A most unworthy and insignificant servant

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