KUALA LUMPUR - Ksirosuka Prabhu, a disciple of HH Jayapataka Swami and who served at Sri Jagannatha Mandir in Kuala Lumpur for many years as a resident devotee, quit his body on 08AUG2015 at about 01:50am in Temerloh GH while surrounded by his family members who chanted the Hare Krishna mahamantra and recited the Bhagavad-gita.

Earlier in the afternoon ISKCON Malaysia secretary Simheswara Prabhu visited him, accompanied by Janagan Prabhu, I and my son Rama. We chanted the mahamantra. Simheswara Prabhu delivered a short voice message conveying blessings from  HH Jayapataka Swami which Ksirosuka Prabhu's son-in-law Balabhadra Krsna Prabhu played close to his ear. Simheswara Prabhu informed Balabhadra Prabhu and the family members that it is very auspicious for a person who is about to leave the body if GoSeva (feeding, caring and serving the cows) is performed on his behalf.

After chanting for an hour or so, we took leave of Ksirosuka Prabhu and his family and had to return to KL because of a scheduled meeting  on the various services and booths to be manned by out-station devotees  during the new temple opening in Seberang Jaya on 29AUG2015.  Aelinda Hoh mataji, who has been visiting Ksirosuka Prabhu almost daily, then arrived at the hospital. She drove Balabhadra Prabhu to the nearest ISKCON farm in Lanchang where they fed the cows with papayas, bananas, gur (cane sugar) and grass.

The rest of the family -- wife, son Suresh, daughters Subha Janani and Anita matajis and grand-daughter Tulasi -- kept vigil at Ksirosuka Prabhu's bedside through the night. When his heavy breathing off the respirator gradually slowed down, Subha Janani mataji served him a few more drops of caranamrita and chanted the mahamantra softly into his ear. Finally the breathing stopped and Ksirosuka Prabhu, 71, quit the body serenely. 

Since most of the relatives are in the north, the family decided to perform the last rites at the home of Balabhadra and Subha Janani at 23 Jalan Kalui, Seberang Jaya, 13700 Prai. Balabhadra Prabhu accompanied the body in the hospital ambulance to Penang today. The funeral is scheduled tomorrow Sunday 09AUG2015 in the afternoon.

Ksirosuka Prabhu, an ex-Telekom technician, joined Sri Jagannatha Mandir in KL as a resident devotee during the time when the late Uttama Caitanya Prabhu was the temple president. A man of many skills, Ksirosuka Prabhu served the temple in many capacities: as pujari, preacher (he used to conduct home programs in Ampang), cook, book distributor, gardener, wireman, plumber, carpenter etc -- all as unpaid volunteer.  His van was also utilised in temple service.

When Uttama Prabhu passed away in 2009, Ksirosuka Prabhu was devastated but he continued to stay on in the temple ashrama and continued to perform his services voluntarily. However the new management (who succeeded Uttama Prabhu) asked him to move out from the ashrama and Ksirosuka Prabhu returned to his Ampang home. There he met with an unfortunate accident. While doing some repair on the rooftop of his house, he fell through and broke his spine. The one-time temple pujari-cum-handyman who was always active in service, became  confined to a wheelchair in his home.  

After ISKCON acquired the 400-acre farm in Lanchang, Ksirosuka Prabhu expressed his desire to move to the farm and render some menial service with his hands. Simheswara Prabhu kindly accepted his request and accomodated him in the farm's guest bungalow and later built a separate home for him on the farm. Ksirosuka Prabhu spent the last years of his life in this farmhouse where he had the opportunity to chant the mahamantra peacefully.

Ksirosuka Prabhu had requested that his ashes be sprinkled in Mother Ganga flowing nearby ISKCON headquarters in Sridhama Mayapur, India, where he has made many pilgrimages to in the past. HG Ksirosuka Prabhu ki jai!

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