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ISKCON Malaysia is actively seeking to purchase suitable agricultural land to start up our dairy farm and community development project. Part of the RM7.3 million proceeds from the recent sale of our Kajang smallholding will be re-invested to purchase an estate (more than 100 acres), preferably within two hours' drive from a major ISKCON centre, as approved by ISKCON Malaysia president and Governing Body Commission (GBC) members and trustees.


To build up a devotee community around the dairy farm, ISKCON will encourage and facilitate devotees to participate in the project by buying their own plots of land in the same vicinity to cultivate or settle in. So that there will be an economically-sustainable ISKCON dairy farm and a thriving devotee community living on and around the farm and engaged in farming, cow protection, temple services, prasadam distribution, teaching, preaching and other devotional services.


The community supporting facilities that will be progressively developed on this project are Krishna temple, school, Varnasrama college, restaurant, medical and health centre. There will also be guesthouses and chalets to accommodate visitors to this spiritual retreat.


Devotees interested in participating in this project will be offered individual plots of land each of at least 45,000 square feet (slightly more than 1 acre) at very favourable terms. Each plot is expected to cost between RM60,000 - RM90,000 depending on location and total land size. ISKCON members and supporters will be allowed to buy the plots at special terms. They can make a down payment of about RM15,000 only and then follow up with interest-free monthly payments of about RM500 - RM700 only for 7 - 10 years.


These terms are almost unbeatable, it's quite impossible to find a better land offer than this in the Klang Valley given the current market situation of land scarcity and high agricultural commodity prices (coconut, palm oil and rubber).


This note is to assess the level of interest. Devotees interested in taking up this offer are invited to give their contact info and indicate the number of plots that they would like to buy. You need not make any payment now. But once ISKCON has identified a suitable estate and enters into purchase negotiations with the owners, you will be furnished with more detailed information and asked to deposit RM1,000 as booking fee for each plot and then follow up with the balance down payment within three months.


We are currently checking up on several estates including one in Selangor. If there is no encumbrance and the transaction goes ahead, we will be contacting you soon. In the meantime, save up for this great opportunity to live on your own big patch of homestead land surrounded by happy, productive cows and bulls protected for life on an ISKCON dairy farm community project.


We invite constructive suggestions and feedback from you on this offer. You may email us your feedback by hitting the reply button, filling in your particulars below and sending to the email below:

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To inquire personally please call Simheswara dasa at:
Office Phone: 03-79812091
Mobile Phone: 012-3798743

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