Installation of Kalasam for Sri Sri Radha Krishna Temple of Devotion and Understanding in Penang



SEBERANG JAYA - The Kalasasthapana where the kalasam is installed started on 13th August 2015 coinciding with the 50 year Anniversary of the departure of Srila Prabhupada on Jaladuta from Kolkata dock in preparation for the much awaited opening of the first Radha Krishna temple in Malaysia. The installation of a kalasam  is an important aspect of building of a new temple as it makes a new temple auspicious. While the first kalasam has been installed successfully on the main sikhara of the temple today, another two kalasam will be installed within the week.

Earlier on the 11th August 2015, the kalasa pooja where demigods are propitiated through fire was performed by ISKCON Ipoh temple president, Param Brahma Dasa along with Anand Dulal Dasa in the presence of Simheswara Dasa, the regional secretary of ISKCON Malaysia, Damodaran stapati, and Kalesha Dasa.  With the completion of the installation of three kalasam on the pinnacle of the Sri Sri Radha Krishna temple, it will be ready to receive Their Lordships, Radha and Krishna deities on the 29th August this year. The Chakra (disc) and Pataka (flag) will be also be installed on 29th August 2015 and followed with Mahakumbha abhiseka.

In the temple complex a beautiful multi-purpose building has also been constructed which is now 95% complete. 

This effort has taken the temple building committee almost seven years to complete. The initial construction of the entire complex started in 2009 at an estimated cost of over Ringgit 7 million. 

Two of the presiding deities, Sri Sri Nitai Gauranga Rai, who will be transferred to the main temple on the 29th August 2015

The main homa pit for kalasa puja fire sacrifice

On the far right performing the fire sacrifice is Param Brahma Dasa, with Damodaran Stapati, Simheswara Dasa, Kalesha Dasa and Kripa Sindhu Krishna Dasa on the left and Ananda Dulal Dasa in the foreground

Param Brahma performing kalasa puja

From left Simheswara Dasa and Kalesha Dasa joining in the fire sacrifice during the kalasa puja

Upon completion of fire sacrifice, the devotees circumambulate the fire pit 

From the left: Stapati, Kalesha Dasa and Simheswara Dasa

Param Brahma Dasa sanctifying the main sikhara before the kalasam can be installed

The main temple

Grand pillars at the entrance of the temple

One of the arches on the roof of temple

A bird's eye view of the temple with the glass dome and the octagonal dome


The new multipurpose building with hall in the temple complex

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