KLANG - The second Bhakti Groove Youth gathering for this year was held on 21st March 2015 hosted by the ISKCON Klang Youth. It brought together more youth from the state of Selangor together. Around 30-35 youths attended the program which lasted about 3 hours.

After a short kirtan, one of the youth members, Gauravani Dasa gave a half an hour talk in conjunction with the upcoming Rama Navami festival. Interestingly he spoke about the manifestation of lust, greed and anger which is represented by Ravaana, the evil character in the Ramayana. And to curtail this, we need to dovetail all our activities and thoughts to be Krishna Conscious centric.

To show the importance of association, Gadadhara Pandit Dasa paired the youths and got them to interact as the Supersoul and Soul within us. He gave them two scenarios where the Supreme Lord reacts differently to each scenario. The pair took turns to be Supersoul and had to give an explanation as to what they felt the Supersoul would answer.

A short and simple skit was done next and it gave an exaggerated version of how one should not chant. It was hilarious as we saw the very common mistakes we do while chanting and not concentrating on the holynames. Very often chanting is taken for granted and the seriousness is not applied.

The program ended with Patitapavana Dasa leading the kirtan with a beautiful song, Sakhi Vrnde Vijanpti by Narottama Thakur Dasa. He also gave a short story of Surdas, Surdas whose name literally meant the servant of melody was a 15th-century blind saint, poet and musician, known for his devotional songs dedicated to Lord Krishna. Surdas attained fame for his purity of devotion towards Lord Krishna. In one incident, Surdas falls into a well and is rescued by Lord Krishna when he calls him for help. Radha asks Krishna why he helped Surdas, to which Krishna replies it is for Surdas' devotion. Krishna also warns Radha not to go near him. She, however, does go near him, but Surdas, recognizing the divine sounds, pulls her anklets off. Radha tells him who she is but Surdas refuses to return her anklets stating that he cannot believe her as he is blind. Krishna gives Surdas vision and allows him to ask for a boon. Surdas returns the anklets saying he has already got what he wanted (the blessings of Krishna) and asks Krishna to make him blind again as he does not want to see anything else in the world after seeing Krishna. Radha is moved by his devotion and Krishna grants his wish by making him blind again thus giving him everlasting fame.

Prasadam included nasi lemak, nasi ayam and pizza was specially cooked and served by the ISKCON Klang youth.


With lots of exciting and fun activities coming up for the youths in future, we hope more and more youths join us!

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