LANCANG - I told you that we are always getting visitors at our New Godruma Dhama farm. For the past week we had Kisora prabhu from Indonesia, Kurma Rupa prabhu from Care for Cows, Sophat prabhu from Cambodia and many local guests. Today while most of us from the farm were at the Sri Jagannatha Mandir, Kuala Lumpur to attend the Jagannatha Ratha Yatra, we had a very unexpected guest. Only Gopesa Govinda prabhu, Bhakti Rasa prabhu, Vrndavan Candra prabhu, Siro Suka prabbhu and a few others stayed back at the farm.

This guest is someone you surely would not be able to guess. He is someone of the nature of a personality in Krishna lila. He is very light but can be very heavy and who can moves things around. He can be very merciless. Of course in Krishna Lila the personality of the nature I am describing was eventually subdued by Lord Krishna. So you would have got it by now whose nature I am talking about.

As soon as I heard of this personality and what he did to our farm buildings me and Sevananda prabhu had to immediately take off from the Ratha Yatra and rush to the farm. About 3 properties got partially destroyed. 

Gopesa Govinda prabhu and Bhakti Rasa prabhu who witnessed the whirlwind informed us that he was merciless. He tore apart strong roof materials and some parts of the structure of Sevananda prabhu's house, our general restroom and the farm bungalow.

By Sri Guru and Sri Gauranga's mercy no one was injured as Bhakti Rasa Prabhu and Gopesa Govinda prabhu were able to immediately shift the physically handicapped Vrndava Candra prabhu and Siro Suka prabhu from the farm bungalow (which is temporarily being used as devotee care home) to a safer location.

Tomorrow we will begin renovation and repair works.

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