Vaishnava Sevaka

Would you like to be a Vaishnava Sevak
and show your care and love to other devotees? It's easy as ABC... Just let us know if you are interested here.

  • List 2-5 families in your circle of association, residence, service etc
  • Place card below on the fridge door
  • Tick off each day your service of care




You also have to keep a tab on your members when they attend
1. Harinams
2. Book distribution
3. Menial service (like washing, cleaning, sweeping, mopping etc)
4. Regular service (any seva in temple e.g. flower deco, cooking, garland making, organising etc)

We have four coloured badges (or any other innovative gift) that will be given out when a devotee attends all four programs in a quarter. The badges will have the words "I am part of Krishna's family" + Year + Quarter
All one needs to do is to do all four activity at least once in a quarter to get a red badge. Then he will have to repeat this the next quarter to get the second badge with another colour. It will go on for 4 quarters in a year. The next year we do another badge with a different variant.

These activities will certainly boost relationship and increase out out reach programs, increase book distribution, and everyone will feel like they are part of Krishna's family doing a seva....

If you interested to be a Vaishnava Sevak, let us know your contact and we will update this list:




Vaishnava Sevak






















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