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By reading gita daily we would able to become dearest devotee of the great of lord Krishna. Lord promised that by reading Gita we can actually see him and able to get rid off of sin. Thus pls spend at least 5 minutes daily to take all the benefits that ready available to every human being easily.

You may pose here too and let start today - 9-9-2014.


xii:13 - adweshtaa sarvabhootaanaam maitrah karuna eva cha nirmamo nirahankaarah samaduhkhasukhah kshamee
xii:14 - santushtah satatam yogee yataatmaa dridhanishchayah mayy arpitamanobuddhir yo madbhaktah sa me priyah
xii:13 - he who hates no creature, who is friendly and compassionate to all, who is free from attachment and egoism, who is balanced in pleasure and pain, and forgiving:
xii:14 - ever content, steady in meditation, self-controlled, possessed of firm conviction, with mind and intellect dedicated to me, he, my devotee, is dear to me.
the eight concluding verses of this chapter are thrilling and superb. 
they are called 'amrtastakam' the immortal eight. 
krisna, who has said that there was none dear or antagonistic to him, suddenly declares that there are some who are extremely dear to him.
who they are and what their nature is, he describes in these eight verses.
You may surf the bellow links for more explanation.

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