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Thank you for enrolling this fallen soul a member. I am striving very hard to go back to Godhead. I chose the above subject for discussion beacause I wanted to clarify with other devotees on this subject matter.

Please refer to the attachment for some of my understanding nad please add on more points if available.



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Cittahari prabhu also posted this:


As per the meaning in the dictionary, Religion simply means a set of beliefs concerning the

course, nature and the purpose of the universe or a moral code governing the conduct of human affair.

As per the meaning in the dictionary, faith simply means belief that is not based on proof or belief in god or in the doctrines or teaching of religion.


There are many religions in this earth with their own moral codes which are basically the same but interpreted differently. Ultimate aim of all religion is to simply love god. When we love god we are instilling fear in us to not to carry out activities against the moral code laid out by scriptures and holy books. Some religion like Hinduism has more rituals to be performed for many occasions whereas some religion is simple and straight forward. After embracing krsna consciousness my family and I learnt that we have to follow more stringent rules and regulations vigorously to be in the right path back to god head. From here what I gather is HDG AC Bakthivedanta Swami Prabhpada has given us more ideal codes to live a perfect human live which is not that easy to follow. Krsna consciousness, I presume is for only selected human being and not for every Tom Dick and Harry. Srila Prabhupada was trying to create a sinless society to make this world a perfect place to live and depart back to god head after completing our karma here. The karma could be either vikarma or akarma. The judgment will be given accordingly. The difference I found in KC verses other religion is that KC is the perfect verdict given to all human mankind to practice it with full commitment in order to at least go back to god head. So the meaning of religion is not just love of god but more than that. We have to really serve the lord by indirectly serving the servant of the servant of the servant of the lord. Sanatanah Dharma is our religion. The true meaning of religion is clearly stated in many books written by Srila Prabhupada. He always links us to the vedas for cross reference. Vedas is the first manual given to human being to use it for a perfect living in this earth. How many are referring to it as a guide line? Even though in religious practice we may not get our wants as we wish but always the needs are available for us. For the lord is merciful.

Looking into the subject matter of faith which is simply a belief that is not based on proof. Practically accepted by many in this earth. What I see here is for the faith believers there is always some solution to their material problem in their daily affair but there is no spiritual wisdom or spiritual advancement. Not realizing that this material world is not permanent and we may have to take repeated birth and death. Sometimes some average human will be fascinated by some supernatural feats carried out by this group of people. Srila Prabhupad’s book on Science of Self realization clearly describes about our purpose here. and what we are suppose to do get out of this prison house the so called Earth. All the tricks and feats showed by the non- believers of religion will lead us to no where but only to the cycle of birth, old age, disease and death. Well some wants it their way so leave it be and let them be in their comfort zone. Faith without proper logic and reference is as good as nothing.

The train is going back to godhead if anyone wants to book the ticket they could do so now through ISKCON which is the embassy otherwise they could wait for their next turn but will not be promised whether the embassy will be available at that time of era as after evolving into 8, 400,000 species of life you will be given another chance. Just imagine if we miss this chance when will be our human birth again? This simple reasoning but has a deep meaning.

Faith means we have the belief that something will work. e.g. I have faith in buying a ticket from Air Asia which will ensure I get to the destination I choose.


Religion means linking with God. Different religions have different ideas on how to do this. Mostly are based on scriptures.

Good subject to discuss with, i found the faith can determine the progress of religions and the level of spiritual among each individuals..I still find hard to get rid of non-vegi foods and some other stuff, but i love and alwways have faith on lord Krishna guides..... 


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